CONLON: A Real Estate Company

CONLON: A Real Estate Company brings forth a new standard in Chicago real estate. Our company brings together a team of nearly 60 of the top performing agents in Chicago. Our agents, on average, have over 10 years experience in the industry and combined they are responsible for over $1.5 billion worth of homes purchased in the Chicago area. CONLON: A Real Estate Company reflects Sean Conlon’s one of a kind ability to connect with people to share with the world the joy and importance of home ownership. By instilling his principles and expertise in every Conlon agent, he has formed a solid bedrock based on customer-oriented service, creating a personal experience for every client.

As a specialized boutique brokerage, CONLON: A Real Estate Company “high-tech, high-touch” and “back-to-basics” approaches to deliver the best service in the industry. At CONLON, we focus on real information, provided at the right time in order to keep our clients, both buyers and sellers, well-informed so that they have as much information as possible before making decisions on one of the most important investments in their lifetime.

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