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14 September 2017
In luxury real estate, it only takes getting that first client to get things going. How do you keep your antennae up for these opportunities, and what is the most important skill you’ll need? What are the larger global trends taking place in luxury real estate? On this episode, we discuss this with... [Read More]
05 September 2017
Sean Conlon is an Irish-American real estate entrepreneur, investor, television personality, and the host of CNBC’s The Deed: Chicago. Sean currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. What is your morning routine? My internal alarm goes off every morning between 5:30 and 6:00am, and I immediately check... [Read More]
29 August 2017 Make It Better
For home buyers and sellers alike, closing day is the light at the end of the (potentially long, winding, detour-laden) tunnel. But, even after the mortgage has been approved, the contingencies have cleared, and the moving trucks are rounding the corner, there’s still the potential for a glitch to... [Read More]
16 August 2017 CNBC
Casting for Season 2 of The Deed: Chicago is now open. Is your real estate flip in need of a rescue? APPLY NOW to be on The Deed: Chicago. To be eligible you must: 1. Be at least 21 years of age upon submitting this application. 2. Be based in--or developing properties in--Chicago **Chicago... [Read More]
15 August 2017
Your kid doesn’t want to stay in the dorms, so now what? In today’s real estate market, finding a place to live can cost a fortune. From negotiating tactics to gaining a leg up over the competition, real estate experts share 11 ways to save on your kids’ new pad. How to Get Started Where is the... [Read More]
01 August 2017 VoyageChicago
Today we’d like to introduce you to Sean Conlon. Sean, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. Through sheer determination and my innate disposition for hard work, I achieved the American Dream. As an Irish immigrant hailing from the... [Read More]
31 July 2017
Sean Conlon started out making cold calls during his night shifts. When Sean Conlon decided he wanted to become a real estate agent, he had no official position or clients. He worked as a night janitor. But, what he had was a drive to succeed -- a drive that stems from his Irish heritage, which... [Read More]
27 July 2017 Chicago Tribune
Sean Conlon is photographed July 20, 2017, at his home in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. Conlon is a real estate mogul who stars on “The Deed: Chicago,” a CNBC reality show. (Alexandra Wimley/Chicago Tribune) Chicago real estate mogul Sean Conlon has come a long way from the small home in... [Read More]
18 July 2017
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images Real estate agents have heard all kinds of questions from home sellers, from "How much is my home worth?" to "Should I take that lowball offer or hold out for something better?" And most times, agents are happy to field these queries because they're there to help. And... [Read More]
14 July 2017 Valuetainment
Irish Immigrant Goes from Janitor to Selling Billions in Real Estate. VIDEO: